Gel System 


  • Base gels

    Which one would you prefer?

    Indigo Perfect Base

    Completely transparent, thin gel  is a guarantee of durability extended nails, regardless of the condition of the natural nail plate. Rub the plate a thin layer of the product, before applying builder gel. lt leaves a sticky layer of dispersion. After curing does not leave micro-lumps so - the application of  french manicure and smile line is  easy. In addition to the problematic nails,use  Indigo Perfect Base  with colored gels and camouflages to provide traction with saturated  gels.

    Indigo Base & Top

    A brilliant product that replaces many of others. It can be applied to natural and extended nails, perfectly for fast in fills. Very durable, crystal-clear, beautifully pulls depth of color and UV factor protects against yellowing even the most exotic conditions. With handy Base & Top we can correct deficiensy,  finish and protect your work.

    Keratin Base

    You are looking for a product that at the same time allow you to perform your dream styling and nourish the nail plate? Keratin Base is the perfect solution for you! Aligning the structure of the nail plate nourishes while rebuilding. Keratin Base is a guarantee of air free and some strengthening nails. It allows you to styling the most problematic nails, when all other products fail. Can be used with gel polish and any kind of gel. It strengthens the durability of each styling and gives natural nails healthy look and act like the best conditioner for nails. Follow the keratin treatment and remember that well-groomed hands and nails are our business card.

  • Builder Gels
  • White Gels
  • Camouflage Gels
  • Matt Effect Gels
  • High Gloss Gels
  • Chameleon Gel